Christmas Chocolate Bark!

Delicious Christmas themed Chocolate Bark full of all of your favourite sweets – perfect homemade gift idea!


Ever since I posted my Chocolate Bark recipe a few months ago I have had so many lovely comments from those who have made it themselves, and especially those who had made it with their kids – its so cute to see everyone getting involved in baking my recipes!

I decided back in Halloween to post a recipe for Halloween Bark, so it seemed silly not to do a Christmas one too! I decided to use my favourite Christmas sweets on this one – but its each to your own. I LOVE Mint Aero Bubbles, and the Cadburys Snow Bites so they simply had to feature – and yes, I did pick through some m&m packets to just get the Red & Green ones as I couldn’t find a Christmas themed packet!


Chocolate Bark is one of those little sweet treats that is super fun to make with everyone, even make with friends, or make for little Home-Made Gifts for friends & family! I love making these as gifts around Christmas time in particular as Chocolate is usually a winner in most households, and especially in mine. Even though its very simple to make – its a nice little touch to show effort and fun!

This year I packaged mine into little snowflake decorated bags for my gifts, and in some little chocolate boxes that you can buy online – I try to make it as personal as possible for each person who would want some – such as using their favourite sweet treats in the Chocolate Bark, and even using Dark/Milk/White Chocolate as the base depending on what they prefer but this is definitely my favourite personal flavour combination for Christmas time!


This makes a 9x13Inch Tray – 20 shards approx. 


– 500g White Chocolate
– 1x90g Cadburys Snow Bites
– 1x113g Mint Aero Bubbles
– 100g Red & Green M&Ms
– 4-5 Crushed Peppermint Candy Canes
– Freeze Dried Raspberries
– Christmas Sprinkles



1) Line a 9×13″ Tray with parchment paper – leave to the side.

2) Prep what sweets/Chocolate’s are going on your Bark – I crushed my Candy Canes but left everything else as they were – be careful if using a knife to crush them though, don’t cut yourself!

3) Melt the Chocolate in a Heatproof Bowl over a pan of Simmering Water as there was quite a lot of it- you don’t want the water to

4) Pour the melted chocolate into the tray and spread so its even – Sprinkle over your decorations and leave to set – if its hot it might be best to do this in the fridge so it’ll actually become hard and its a lot quicker this way!

5) Cut/Break into shards and enjoy!


Tips and Ideas

This lovely little treat will last for weeks if kept in the right conditions – Mine never lasts this long but I give it a 1 month date from making depending on what you use as Chocolate Use-by-dates are so long!

You can obviously use whatever sweets & chocolates that you fancy, but these are my personal favourites and are very Christmassy!!



Find my other Sweets & Christmas recipes on my Recipes Page!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Chocolate Bark!

  1. The Culinary Jumble says:

    Okay, I commented on your last festive bark (was it Halloween?) that I really needed to get round to making some – Christmas it is! I am making three recipes with candy cane and was wondering about the third! Looks like I’ve found it – this looks wicked!

    Liked by 1 person

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