Bacon, Brie & Tomato Quiche!

A delicious creamy, savoury, and utterly scrumptious Quiche that is perfect for Lunch, Dinner, or even a family snack!


I love baking, I love cake, I love chocolate etc… This is obvious – But I LOVE Savoury Baking! Crispy shortcrust pastry, oodles of Cheese, BACON, and tomatoes = one of my favourite quick dishes – Quiche! Seriously though, I love Quiche. Funnily enough I used to actually hate it with a passion, as I hated the eggy bit and it always tasted funny and had a weird texture, but these were all shop bought ones – freshly made ones are utterly scrumptious and I love them!

I’ve always loved the combination of Bacon, Brie, and Tomato as to me they’re a marriage made in heaven. Combining these flavours into a Quiche seems ideal, and it is. I used an Andrew James 23cm Quiche Tin for my baking which you can read my review of below!


When I made this bad boy I made it for people who didn’t really like herbs or such, but I usually add some basil or something so that there are pops of green in the quiche – but I will always bake to what the people who are eating it want! However, it did go down really well – having massive thumbs up from people eating it Cold & Hot! A definite treat on a gloomy day! (My brother did get a little jealous that he couldn’t have any – shows how good it is!)

I make my own shortcrust pastry, but if you don’t feel confident in this then you can always buy the ready made shortcrust pastry – you can just skip to 3) on the method and start by greasing and flouring the tin! Whatever you do its up to you – but I seriously recommend making quiche whenever you can, its so yummy and is such a versatile dish! Enjoy!

This serves 6-8 portions – 23cm tin!


– 175g Plain Flour
– 75g Cold, Unsalted Butter
– Cold Water
– 300g Bacon Lardons
– 200g Brie
– 250ml Double Cream
– 3 Medium Eggs
– Salt & Pepper
– 300g Cherry Tomatoes
– 75g Cheddar



1) To make the pastry – rub together the flour, pinch of salt and butter until you have a soft breadcrumb texture.

2) Add enough cold water to make the breadcrumb mixture join together to make a firm dough and then rest this in the fridge wrapped in cling film for 30 minutes – I find it easier to form it into a relatively flat circle to be able to roll it out easier later!

3) Grease and flour a tart case – I used my Andrew James Tin that I have reviewed below! Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface to the thickness of 1-2 £1 coins and line the tart case – chill again in the fridge whilst the oven heats up. Preheat the oven to 190C (180C fan).

4) Remove the tart case from the fridge and line it with baking parchment and fill with baking beans or uncooked rice – Place on a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes, remove the baking parchment and beans, and bake for a further 5 minutes till the pastry is cooked through! Once cooked, leave to cool. (Leave the oven on!)

5) In a frying pan, cook your Lardons until they’re cooked through (maybe a pinch a few to nibble on) and spread them across the base of the Quiche – slice the Brie to about £1 coin thicknesses and layer across the Quiche on top of the bacon.

6) Whisk together the Cream, and Eggs with a pinch of salt & pepper until combined well, pour over the top of the quiche (be careful that it doesn’t spill of the edges!) and then top with whole cherry tomatoes – don’t cut them! Finish it off by sprinkle on the grated cheddar and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until its starting to brown around the edges, and its only wobbling a tiny amount in the middle!

7) Once baked, leave to cool slightly before removing from the tin and then ENJOYYY!!


Tips and Ideas

I love the combination of Brie, Bacon, and Tomato – its delicious. However, you can use all Cheddar instead of the Brie if you’re not a fan – it just might be richer! I serve my Quiche with a slight salad when its for lunch, and if its for dinner I have such things as New Potatoes!

To reheat the Quiche if you have let it cool completely to fridge temperature, heat again in the oven for about 15 minutes! The Quiche should be stored in the Fridge if not being eaten straight away, but is best eaten on the day of baking!


Andrew James Quiche/Tart Tin Review!

  • After posting the review of the Andrew James Jam Themometer, I realised it was time to review the rest of the products sent to me (sorry it’s taken so long!) 
  • I have used this product 4 times in total – twice for quiche, and twice for a tart – from the start I must admit that I preferred it as Tart tin as for me, Quiche’s should be slightly deeper in my opinion (like my other quiche tin is) (But that might just be because I’m greedy!) but it was perfect for the two chocolate tarts I made!
  • I like the quality of the metal used, and that its thin enough for the Pastry to go easily crispy, but my main issue is that the base of the tin isn’t quite wide enough – so much so that the bottom floats slightly and it causes the pastry to grow into the base? I found it difficult to get the base off of the quiche – but this might only be on the one I have though!
  • All in all I give it a 4/5 as the quality was lovely, it bakes the pastry well, and its perfect for tarts & thinner quiches (just might need a slightly wider base so it doesn’t float around!) 🙂  



You can find my other Savoury Recipes on my Recipes Page!

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