St Ives 2015!

St Ives is definitely one of my most favourite places on earth – it is utterly GORGEOUS.


I went there last year with my boyfriend for the first time, and we fell in love with it. Classically doing all of the touristy things such as going to Land’s End, and St Michaels Mount – even a trip to Newquay! It was wonderful. However, we decided we wanted to go back!

This year we decided to stay in the same cottage with the most glorious of views of Carbis Bay, just around the corner from St Ives. Just look at that view!


We also decided though that as had done all of the touristy bits last year, we would make this a foodie holiday, and it was glorious! I did however have to restrain myself on the occasional day as I felt like I was pushing my limits as some of the food was just so good! Some dishes I do admit that I neglected to take photos of as I was either too hungry, or I forgot as I was having fun! My baaaad.

Anyway. After looking at hundreds of Trip Advisor reviews on loads of different restaurants we had our plans to visit 6 different restaurants for all of our different dinners, go to little cafes for lunches, and try all the different ice-cream shops.. This failed immediately as we fell so in love with the first few places we became obsessed!

Obsessed in particular with The Hub – absolutely LOVELY food, burgers to die for, and the environment and setting as ideal. It was outstanding. The range of Burgers they offered was almost ridiculous, along with Nachos that I doubt will ever be beaten, and the cocktails were amazing!


Oh, and the views from St Ives Bay itself are simply gorgeous – even in the rain this place is lovely – most places thats not even vaguely possible!


If you were ever wondering what the fuss was about, I can tell you, its totally true – St Ives is definitely on of my favourite places on earth, it is absolute heaven!


Look at all the fudge!  IMG_0094

Cute little binoculars in our apartment!


Hello heaven in a cup.


We went back another night for more burgers… my bad!

I posted reviews on my Trip Advisor for all of the places that we visited if you’re interesting in looking if you are visiting yourself, or if you have ever wanted somewhere to go in the UK where the locals are lovely, the shops are unique and amazing, and the food is outstanding – this is the place to go!

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J x


16 thoughts on “St Ives 2015!

  1. nikkisuzanna says:

    i love that you guys took a ‘foodie’ holiday!! we totally do that also!! only, we love to use yelp instead of ta and the reviews are nearly always fool proof. the food you found looks so delish. and how gorgeous is that ocean view– hope you had a fun, relaxing time! 🙂

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