Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart!


After the success of my Ferrero Rocher & Nutella Chocolate Tart I thought I would create my other favourite dessert I make for dinner parties and friends houses – this wonderful creation! This recipe is very similar to the Ferrero Rocher & Nutella Chocolate Tart because the pastry is the same method and ingredients and the chocolatey part of the filling is the same as well.  I have never seen anything wrong with using the same principles and ideas for baking and just altering them too fit a new recipe. Its kind of like baking a cake – to get a Victoria Sponge, its all very similar no matter who’s recipe you use!


When I was younger I have always loved Millionaires Shortbread – such a good treat, and something I will always buy from the local bakery if I haven’t arrived too late! This recipe I like to think is similar to that, just altered into a more grownup style dessert!

This recipe has a DELICIOUS sweet and thin pastry base and sides, with a scrumptious salted caramel layer, topped with the most delicious chocolatey ganache filling – so unbelievably tasty a combination. Topped with some popcorn and some Rolo sweets, it is the IDEAL dessert for any occasion, and would undoubtedly be a showstopper of a dessert for an evening meal!

I have posted this recipe in the past but I made a few slight alterations and decided to repost with my better baker-knowledge!


This recipe makes a delicious 8″ tart!


– 1x Sweet Shortcrust Pastry Pack
– 500g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
– 100g icing sugar
– 250g butter, cut into small cubes
– 2 large free-range eggs, beaten
– 1 splash milk

Chocolate Filling 
– 250ml double cream
– 150g milk chocolate
– 100g dark chocolate
– 1/2 vanilla pod
– 2 tablespoons icing sugar
– 1/2 tin Dulce de Leche or Carnations Caramel
– Pinch of sea salt

– Caramel/toffee coated popcorn
– Rolo Sweets



1) Sieve the flour into a bowl and sieve the icing sugar over the top – If doing this by hand, work the cubes of butter into the flour and sugar by rubbing your thumbs against your fingers until you end up with a fine, crumbly mixture. If using a food processor, simply add the butter to the flour and sugar in the mixer and pulse till the crumbly mixture is achieved then pour into a bowl. Add the eggs and milk to the mixture and gently work it together till you have a ball of dough – don’t work it too much or it will get too crumbly.

2) Preheat the oven to 200C (180C fan) – whilst heating, chill the dough in the fridge.

3) Once chilled – grease and flour your tart tin and roll out your pastry on a floured work surface till it is about the thickness of 1 £1 coins. Place the pastry into the tin and gently press it into the sides trying not to rip it. It doesn’t matter if the pastry overlaps the edges of the tin at the moment because it will shrink slightly in the oven and you can cut it off once cooked.

4) Place a sheet of baking parchment on top of the pastry and fill with baking beans or rice (blind baking) – Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, remove from the oven, take the beans out and place back in the oven for another 5 minutes – until the pastry in the middle has cooked through.

5) Leave to cool (keep the pastry in the tin for now as it will keep it sturdy whilst it is being filled.


The Filling
1) Melt the two types of chocolate slowly over a bain-marie or in the microwave in 30 second bursts – giving it a stir each time. Leave this too cool whilst you do the rest.

2) Pour the caramel (homemade or shop bought) onto the base and spread evenly – you don’t want too much but then again, its completely up to you. Sprinkle over the sea salt!

3) Then, pour the double cream into a separate large bowl and sift the icing sugar on top, and put in the vanilla seeds from the pod (you can also use extract or bean paste if you have that) – Whisk the cream until it is double the original thickness and juuuust about holds itself. Be careful not to over whisk it! It is always better to under whisk then over whisk.

4) Pour in the melted chocolate and fold it together with a spatula until the mix is well combined.

5) Pour this on top of the Caramel and spread evenly. I add some chopped Rolo sweets and Caramel Popcorn to the edges of my tart to give it some definition and let it set into the chocolate filling

6) Leave to set in the fridge for at least 4 hours (preferably longer) and it will be delightfully sweet and ready to be eaten.


Tips and Ideas

If I have any leftover caramel sauce, particularly if I have made it myself, I will save it in a jar and pour a little over the top of this dessert, or I will use it the next day and make a snappy ice cream sundae. The possibilities are endless!

This dessert is also amazing when served with just a drizzle of cream, or a hot drink to wash it down with.



P.s. This is basically a millionaires tart, so a new name could be caramonaires tart? No? Okay.

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37 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart!

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    Oh my this looks so good, and the thought of sitting down to a slice of this beautiful tart is just a heavenly thought…
    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura

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  2. mlhyde says:

    Popcorn can be involved in a recipe so much more than we can imagine. I found out that adding it to soup at the table is a wonderful addition. Instead of putting corn directly into your soup recipe, add the popcorn at the last minute. Kids love the concept, too as they can listen to the sizzle as popcorn is incorporated into the soup. It makes the most reluctant kid decide to try eating the soup. But it may not win over the popcorn-resistant child.

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