Chocolate Cupcakes!


This is the best chocolate cupcake recipe you will ever find. Ever.

Okay so maybe that is an exaggeration, everyone has their own favourite recipes but honestly, this is my go-to chocolate cupcake recipe that I use when selling cupcakes to customers for occasions, or just for a family gathering – honestly it is utterly delicious. The cupcakes are insanely light and fluffy, whilst also being moist. It means you can eat the whole cake and not feel guilty!


The buttercream isn’t made with real chocolate, its made with cocoa powder but I often find this easier and quicker and creates a lighter flavour! When I was younger I would simply decorate a chocolate cupcake with melted chocolate or a simple chocolate ganache – but I find the ganache is better for an indulgent cake, whereas this buttercream recipe is ideal for cakes, cupcakes, or celebration cakes!

This recipe always has a HUGE thumbs up from people who try it, and I am not exaggerating this time! They are ideal for afternoon tea, a treat in the evening, a party, or just a boost on a Monday Morning!


This recipe makes 12 cupcakes


– 220g butter/margarine
– 220g caster sugar
– 4 eggs
– 150g self raising flour
– 50g cocoa powder
– 1-3tbsp whole milk

– 150g butter
– 400g icing sugar
– 90g cocoa powder
– 50ml+ whole milk (might need more)

– 100g white chocolate
– Chocolate balls



1) To make the Cupcakes – Heat your oven to 180C/160 Fan/350F and line a cupcake/muffin tin with 12 cases

2) Beat the butter/margerine with the caster sugar until fluffy

3) Combine the eggs, self-raising flour and cocoa powder with the butter/sugar mix until well combined

4) If the mixture is too stiff you can add a little bit of milk at a time to get a smooth light consistency.

5) Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until a skewer poked into one of the cakes comes out clean and they are springy to touch.

6) Whilst baking you can make the icing or *pretend* to clean up the mess already made by licking the bowl clean

7) To make the Chocolate Buttercream – Beat the butter with an electric mixer for a couple of minutes to loosen it – gradually beat in the icing sugar until well combined, then add the cocoa powder and milk – beat for 5 minutes until a silky lovely buttercream texture is produced

8) To decorate the Cupcakes – I used a 1M wilton tip to decorate my cakes but you can do whatever you like! 🙂 I pipe my cupcakes like an ice-cream at the beach looks so its the perfect ratio of buttercream to cake

9) Once iced, melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl in the microwave in short bursts or over a pan of simmering water and drizzle over the top and then add a sprinkle of chocolate balls to boot!


Tips and Ideas

I nearly always prefer the all in one method of baking – if using a machine I would simply just bung all the cupcake ingredients together and mix well, but when mixing with good ol’ elbow grease I make sure that I cream the butter and sugar first so that there are no lumps.

Be careful not to over bake the cakes or you might lose the light texture!

This recipe was one of the first I posted on this blog but I decided to repost it with a few tiny little additions!



P.s. These are not for sharing – these are to eat entirely yourself. What?

Find my recipes for my other cupcake and buttercream recipes on my recipes page!

P.P.S sorry about the photos, theyre old!

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