Ferrero Rocher & Nutella Chocolate Tart!


I have always thought that Ferrero Rocher are such a delectable treat – they’re so crunchy, nutty, and chocolatey! Which basically means they are perfection. I have always wanted to make a dessert that involves them as they have always been one of my favourite chocolates, and I figured that a delicious and mousse like chocolate tart would be perfect!

The Nutella layer at the bottom of the tart is a nice surprise to those eating the dessert as you can’t see it from the top, and its so full of flavour! This in addition to the beautifully light and and delicious chocolate tart filling is the perfect combo! I always try and have a little spare mix to:
1) Decorate the tart in a (hopefully) pretty way!
2) Eat with the spatula after finishing decorating…


This is without a doubt one of the most amazing desserts I have made – and its so simple! Its a recipe that can be altered quite easily to suit what people prefer, but if you follow this recipe well, you will have a winner!

I have made this dessert for Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day lunch, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and so many more occasions I can’t even count – it is PERFECT for any occasion!!

I had already put this recipe up last year, but decided what I had originally written didn’t make much sense so this is the new and improved recipe!


This recipe serves 10-12 easily! 


– 1x pack sweet shortcrust pastry
– 500g/4 cups plain flour, plus extra for dusting
– 100g/3/4 cup icing sugar
– 250g/1 cup butter, cut into small cubes
– 2 large free-range eggs, beaten
– Splash of milk

Chocolate Filling 
– 250ml/1 cup double cream
– 125g/1/2 cup milk chocolate
– 125g/1/2 cup dark chocolate
– 1/2 vanilla pod
– 2 tablespoons icing sugar
– 8 Ferreo Rocher
– 2 tablespoons Nutella

– 8 Ferrero Rocher



1) Sieve the flour into a bowl and sieve the icing sugar over the top – If doing this by hand, work the cubes of butter into the flour and sugar by rubbing your thumbs against your fingers until you end up with a fine, crumbly mixture. If using a food processor, simply add the butter to the flour and sugar in the mixer and pulse till the crumbly mixture is achieved then pour into a bowl. Add the eggs and milk to the mixture and gently work it together till you have a ball of dough – don’t work it too much or it will get too crumbly.

2) Preheat the oven to 200C (180C fan) – whilst heating, chill the dough in the fridge.

3) Once chilled – grease and flour your tart tin and roll out your pastry on a floured work surface till it is about the thickness of 1-2 £1 coins. Place the pastry into the tin and gently press it into the sides trying not to rip it. It doesn’t matter if the pastry overlaps the edges of the tin at the moment because it will shrink slightly in the oven and you can cut it off once cooked.

4) Place a sheet of baking parchment on top of the pastry and fill with baking beans or rice (blind baking) – Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, remove from the oven, take the beans out and place back in the oven for another 5 minutes – until the pastry in the middle has cooked through.

5) Leave to cool (keep the pastry in the tin for now as it will keep it sturdy whilst it is being filled.

The Filling
1) Melt the two types of chocolate slowly over a bain-marie or in the microwave in 30 second bursts – giving it a stir each time. Leave this too cool whilst you do the rest.

2) If you have some over-hanging pastry now would be the time to cut it off carefully so that it is even around the edge.

3) Break up the 8 Ferrero Rocher that is going inside the tart, and mix with the 2 tablespoons of Nutella – spread over the base of the tart case.

5) In a separate bowl, pour in the double cream, vanilla seeds and icing sugar – Using an electric whisk (or you can do it buy hand if you’re brave!) whisk until the cream is holding itself and has formed peaks. Be careful not to over whisk it! It is always better to under whisk then over whisk.

7) Once that is done, you can pour in the melted chocolate and fold it together with a spatula until the mix is well combined.

8) Then you can pour this on top of the Nutella mix and spread evenly.

9) Pipe any spare filling you have onto the tart – place the other 8 Ferrero Rocher around the tart!

10) Store in the fridge – and enjoy!


Tips and Ideas

Luckily this is a dessert that can either be served on its own, or with a drizzle of cream, or even ice cream! It is simply delectable and gorgeous.


P.s. Its hazelnutty, chocolatey, perfection!

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