Granary Bread!


I adore baking bread at home, my favourite smell is freshly baked bread, especially when I can eat it. This recipe is super easy to make, and now that my house has a working oven again I can bake bread all of the time – I much prefer to bake it myself than buy it at the shop because of all the additives they put in their bread to make it last longer!

You can easily mess around with the recipe slightly and use all granary flour, all wholemeal flour, a seeded flour, or even white flour – just as long as the weight is the same! I usually do a mix in mine as I like the flavour, and I find it lighter when there is some strong white bread flour inside it.


I use a 1lb loaf tin for this recipe


– 500g strong bread flour (I used 300g granary + 200g white)
– 7g fast action dried yeast
– 1 tsp salt
– 2 tbsp olive oil
– 1 tbsp honey
– 300ml warm water



1) Put the flours into a bowl with the yeast on one side and salt on the other

2) Pour the olive oil and honey into the warm water and mix – then pour into the flour mixture and combine until it forms a sticky bread dough – once this has been formed you should knead it for 8-10 minutes (or 5-6 minutes if using a machine) just so long as its smooth and springing back when touched

3) Put the dough into an oiled loaf tin and leave to rise till it has doubled in size – usually takes about 1 hour but can take longer in colder weather – don’t force it too rise by putting it next to a hot heat source or in the sun as this will cause it too rise too quickly and it won’t bake properly. When rising the dough should be covered loosely with a food bag or cling film so its airtight.

4) Heat the oven too 200C/180C Fan/gas 6 – Once the dough has risen and the tin is basically full – bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes until it is browned nicely on top and when you tap it on the bottom it sounds hollow.

5) Leave too cool then enjoy!


Tips and Ideas

Baking bread can require patience, but honestly it is worth it in the end!

You can bake the bread without a tin and do it freeform but I like this particular bread in a loaf shape as I use it for my toast in the morning with a dash of homemade jam



P.s. I literally cannot wait to bake more bread!

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15 thoughts on “Granary Bread!

  1. daisyashcroft says:

    Do you have any recipes for Soda Bread? It’s the only bread I really like and I always buy it in the shops but never use it on time so it goes to waste unless I freeze it. I’d love to make my own!


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